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DIGI-GASE: Development of Digital Education Competencies of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Departments in Higher Education Institutions

Gastronomy education took a new turn, moving from traditional classroom settings to digital platforms. A DIGI-GASE project, dedicated to researching how distance gastronomy education can be delivered effectively and providing resources in this field, has embarked on this journey by examining gastronomy education both in Europe and around the world.

In the first phase of the project, gastronomy education in Europe and around the world was meticulously examined and the current situation was collected in a book. Then, a comprehensive research on distance delivery of gastronomy and culinary arts courses through digital platforms was conducted. Based on the findings of this research, needs for distance gastronomy education were identified.

In line with the identified needs, solutions for digital gastronomy education were developed and articulated in the highest quality in written form. These solutions and insights formed the basis for the creation of a book on digital gastronomy education, accompanied by supportive video materials. Also, two articles related to the project were written.

Additionally, the project delved into topics such as simulation, metaverse, and sustainability, exploring digital tools that could assist in these areas.

The books and videos produced as a result of the project were made accessible to everyone on internet platforms such as YouTube, ensuring that anyone interested in gastronomy education could benefit from these resources and have a quality learning experience in remote education.

This Erasmus+ project aims to open new doors in gastronomy education by embracing digitalization, providing students and educators with a broader perspective on the subject.