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Maria Piochi

Nov 16, 2021

Maria Piochi is Assistant Prof. of Food Science and Technology. She is performing research in the field of consumer research and sensory analysis of foods at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. At this university, she currently teaches “Food Science and Technology”, “Olive oil: technology of production and tasting techniques” and “Fast Food Law and Technology”. She got her PhD in Sustainable Management of Agricultural Forestry and Food Systems at the GESAAF Department in Florence in 2018 and a Master in Food Science and Technology in 2011. Her research interests are the study of the individual variability in sensory perception of food, with a specific focus on the oral, chemesthetic and olfactory responsiveness and the study of the impact of the sensory properties of food on the affective responses of consumers. She is member of the E3S Taste Sensitivity Group of the European Sensory Science Society and Recognised olive oil assessor according to Reg. EC n. 2568/91 and subsequent modifications.