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Archive: January 10, 2024

Concluding the DIGI-GASE Project on Digital Education Competencies in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Dear DIGI-GASE Followers,

We have successfully concluded the DIGI-GASE “Development of Digital Education Competencies of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Departments in Higher Education Institutions” Project which is supported by the Turkish National Agency. The project is coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramazan EREN, and included Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Çağlar KILINÇ and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah TARINÇ as researchers at Akdeniz University Manavgat Tourism Faculty.

Our international partners; “EACE” European Academy of Certified Education from Germany, Institut Lyfe from France, and “Dlearn” European Digital Learning Network and “UNISG” The University of Gastronomic Sciences from Italy, have significantly contributed to the successful completion of DIGI-GASE.

The success we have achieved by working collaboratively with our partners throughout the project duration to realize the goals we set at the beginning of the project fills us with pride. The outcomes of our project will serve as a valuable resource for esteemed academic staff in EU countries and other nations; therefore, we hope it will have a positive impact on all stakeholders and those wishing to utilize our project outputs.

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported us throughout the project, followed our social media accounts and eagerly awaited news on our website. Special thanks to the participants who provided accurate answers and feedback during the interviews conducted during the development process of DIGI-GASE. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the professors and experts in their fields who contributed to our project with their valuable insights.

The successful completion of our project marks a milestone as one of the pioneering initiatives in distance education for gastronomy and culinary arts at the EU level. This accomplishment fills us with hope for future projects. The expertise of our team, consisting of representatives from prominent gastronomy education institutions in the EU, has undeniably positively influenced the success of our project. We have full confidence that our partners will continue to achieve similar success in their future projects.

We hope that the DIGI-GASE project, focused on the “Development of Digital Education Competencies of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Departments in Higher Education Institutions” will be beneficial to you, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Furthermore, you can access our IO1 and IO2 books in the attached PDF files and find supporting videos related to our project on our YouTube channel:

Thank you…